Charles Hill

Mr. Charles ‘Rocky’ Hill Has ten years of experience in the addiction counseling/law enforcement field, in addition to over thirty years in addiction treatment. He and his team have become experts, sought after by insurers like United Healthcare to assist them in the development of their ambulatory detoxification protocol. His treatment program is the distinguished recipient of the United States Behavioral Health’s OPTUM Award for excellence.

Mr. Hill combines advanced education with years of addiction treatment experience with his own personal knowledge of addiction and recovery. Past clients have commented on his unique ability to simplify difficult cases while gaining the trust of juries and judges. His understanding of addictive disorders surpasses textbook knowledge and encompasses a street understanding. He opened and directed his own full-service adult and adolescent outpatient treatment program in 1987 and previously directed residential and hospital-based inpatient programs in New Mexico and Colorado. For detailed information on Mr. Hill’s extensive background, you can view his resume.

Erin Hill

Erin Hill, BA, will be assisting Rocky in case preparation, research and organization. Ms. Hill obtained a Bachelors in Human Services Management from the University of Phoenix in 2008. She has worked in the addiction treatment field since that time in positions ranging from administrative, to clinical assessment and oversight, insurance billing, marketing, utilization review and general management. Additionally, she is months away from becoming a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor.

Erin’s knowledge base encompasses all aspects of chemical dependency and treatment providing much-needed insight into various pertinent angles in substance abuse related cases. She is technologically savvy and excels in the research and investigative work often needed to ascertain different components of a case. Together with Rocky, their varying skill sets and passion will help build your case and garner the edge needed to prevail.