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Expert Addiction Professionals

Legal Expert Addiction Professionals (LEAP) is a gathering of Addictive Disorder Clinical Professionals with different qualifications and clinical experience. For any case where the perpetual ailment of addiction or its treatment is included, LEAP can provide assistance to the legal team with applicable and proficient skill.

From clarifying the etiology and movement of addictive illnesses to exhibiting the best-known models of treatment and consideration, LEAP has experienced consultants and witnesses that are vital to ideal legitimate results. 

LEAP's Executive Director is a Certified Master Addictions Forensic Counselor and a Certified Criminal Reformation Clinician II with 40 years combined experience in court evaluations, expert witness, and legal consultation. He has been recruited by third-party insures to build up their conventions.

Addiction and Its Treatment

Whether you are a lawyer looking for expert witness testimony, or you are in need of a drug and alcohol abuse counselor who can testify on behalf of clients in a court of law, our expert addiction professional can help. Today's attorney is often faced with a myriad of difficult and diverse realities pertaining to the changes in today's substance abuse legal cases.

Legal Expert Addiction Professionals has provided services to attorneys and clients in Southern California with an outstanding track record. While our professionals are selective in accepting cases, our overall goal is to help your client. Our dedication to service and knowledge of the industry will be a successful asset to your case.
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